Systematics, Biodiversity and Evolution of Plants

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Luo Chen

Luo Chen

PhD candidate


Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Fakultät für Biologie
Systematik, Biodiversität & Evolution der Pflanzen
Menzinger Str. 67
80638 München

Room: 25, ground floor
Phone: +49 89 17861-250

Work group

Prof. Kadereit

Research interests

  • Taxonomy, phylogenetics, and evolution of certain groups of seed plants.
  • Currently, I am working on the megadiverse Melastomataceae lineage with emphasis on the phylogeny and systematics of Malagasy Medinilla. Using HybSeq, we intend to test the monophyly of Medinilla and related genera and propose an updated classification for this tropical forest endemic genus. We also intend to answer questions regarding its origin, age, and character evolution.*#
* My research is funded by the DFG project entitled "Revisiting the phylogeny of Melastomataceae in the era of genomics".

Collaboration partners

# With my colleague Dr. Marie Claire Veranso-Liballah1 and collaborator Peter Quakenbush2.

1. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany. 

2. Western Michigan University, U.S.A.