Systematics, Biodiversity and Evolution of Plants

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Prof. Dr. Susanne S. Renner

Prof. Dr. emer. Susanne S. Renner

Prof. emer.


Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Fakultät für Biologie
Systematik, Biodiversität & Evolution der Pflanzen
Menzinger Str. 67
80638 München


Research interests

Angiosperm phylogenetics, sexual system evolution and biogeography

Taxon-omics (DFG SPP 1991)

New approaches to discovering and naming biodiversity: Taxon-omics, a German network of 27 research projects that are focused on combining taxonomy using natural history museum specimens with new approaches for discovering and naming biodiversity. Taxon-omics funded under DFG priority program SPP 1991.


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Recent former employees 

  • Guillaume Chomicki, Dr. rer. nat.
  • Natalie Cusimano, Dr.
  • Bernhard Dickoré, Dr.
  • Marius Felder, Dr. 
  • Tanja Schuster, Ph.D.
  • Aretuza Sousa dos Santos, Dr. 
  • Julia Wellsow, Dr.
  • Constantin Zohner, Dr. rer. nat.