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Master thesis

Transcriptome analysis of C4 photosynthesis in developing leaves of Sesuvium sesuviodes (Aizoaceae)

Sesuvium sesuviodes (Aizoaceae) is perennial and salt-tolerant herbs which exhibits photosynthetic plasticity during leaf aging. During leaf aging, leaf anatomy, physiology and biochemistry change with respect to C4 photosynthesis (Bohley et al., 2019). A potential master thesis project will examine the molecular mechanism underlying these changes. To this end, transcriptome of young, mature and senescent leaves will be compared using RNA-seq.


Bohley, K., Schröder, T., Kesselmeier, J., Ludwig, M. & Kadereit, G. (2019) C4-like photosynthesis and the effects of leaf senescence on C4-like physiology in Sesuvium sesuvioides (Aizoaceae). Journal of Experimental Botany 70: 1553–1565.


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